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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

James Gandolfini off the wagon.....not news to me.

Gawker and the Daily News are excited about this report that James Gandolfini (of Tony Soprano fame) is drinking again. This is supposedly "news," but I was at 7B in February and Gandolfini was there, drinking. The best part was that I was playing the Soprano's pinball game they have when I noticed him. Even better, I was playing the best pinball of my life. People were stopping their conversations to watch my multi-ball prowess.

I was in Vegas last weekend, first time I've ever cashed a thousand dollar chip, so that was awesome. Pictures to be posted soon.

UPDATE: I rag on gawker a lot, but this was really good stuff. Shows the difference between the professional bloggers and us free-lance types.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Girls Who Like to Party and Take Photos of Themselves...

....can be seen here. I've said it before, I'll say it again--the youth are out of control.

UPDATE: here is the best of the bunch, at least the best I've found so far. Feel free to leave links to your fav in the comments section. Girls, if you are out there....please email me, I have a rather clean bathtub you can share any time.

UDPATE 2: This one is pretty great too.....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

George Steinbrenner is a Fucking Loser

Let's face it--no one really likes George Steinbrenner. Yankees fans offer up all these half-defenses for his absurd behavior and greedy worldview, but I think 100% would swap owners in a heartbeat if they could be assured of the same level of financial commitment to the team. Everyone else who likes baseball hates the man. Some sports fans who secretly despise the sport of baseball like Steinbrenner because he embodies the inequities that are ripping the sport in two. Others find him, "funny." That's his support, and its tepid to be sure.

I don't think I've ever mentioned George on this site before. Probably because he is too easy a target. However, last night George shat the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back on to the isle of Manhattan.

I know most people don't watch the World Baseball Classic, however its their loss. Most of the games have been awesome, and there's not going to be fun, intense baseball like this for 3 months at least. Plus, the U.S. is doing horribly, which is kind of awesome. In order for the U.S. team to advance, Korea had to beat Japan last night (or Japan had to win after letting up more than 8 runs, but that's another story). Even without the U.S. team interest, the Korea/Japan game promised to be a classic...I can't think of two nations that hate eachother more or who take sports as seriously. There's an argument to be made that various Scandinavian countries hate eachother more, but that's kind of a friendly squabble among Aryan brothers....Korea/Japan is a knock-down battle ripe with historical intrigue and genocide.

So, great game, huge implications for the U.S. team....of course it will be on TV live, right? Well, in MOST parts of the country that is the case. However, in Manhattan (where Will&Grace is on channels 19 and 20 at the same time EVERY single fucking night) there was no Korea/Japan game. Why? Well, most of the games are carried live on ESPN and the other 14 are broadcast live in syndication via Disney affiliate Buena Vista Television (I guess ESPN had too much invested in yet another boring ass poker show to commit to the whole deal). ESPN Deportes also carries a lot of games, but Time Warner is too cheap/racist for that. Japan/Korea fell under syndication. Unfortunately, Yankees broadcast partner WWOR, which is the local syndication outlet for the WBC was only carrying six games. Remember, of course, that Steinbrenner did everything in his power to stop his players from competing in the WBC. Coincidence, i think not.

Point being, Steinbrenner is a manipulative, conniving, bastard who throws money around to get his way like a petulant 16 year old rich girl. Grow up George.

Korea won 2-1 in the ninth inning after a nail biter of a great game. The U.S. has to win tonight to advance. Funny how people get apoplectic about poor Bode Miller, but when our roided up superstars can't even win at our own game everybody just shrugs.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Allen Ray eye injury video

In case you missed it on live can find it here.

If you find the relations between NYU and Columbia law schools interesting..... can read this article. How this is interesting to anyone outside of legal academia is beyond me. But, it does clearly establish the New York Observer as cheerleader-in-chief of the Ricky Revesz era.

Monday, March 13, 2006

BREAKING NEWS FLASH: someone actually read my undergrad thesis!!

For all you poor souls who, like me, are missing out on Spring Break to write your stinking god-damned mother-f'ing "A Papers" (or whatever your law school equivalant is)--here's some happy news.

Yours Truly wrote this paper for an upper-level political science class way back in 2000 (that's pre-911, in case you forgot). It was published by the once-estemed-but-now-possibly-defuct journal Hemispheres. Anyway, I assumed that this paper would languish online, relegated to a place somewhere below a footnote on a wart on the Internet's retarded brother's pinky. You can get to it easily enough by googling my name. But, anyone who knows me well enough to do that wouldn't bother to read a paper I wrote.

However, I decided to "google" my name using Yahoo...and discovered this lovely usenet posting circa 2003 (post-911). Whomever you are dear Don Quijote, I'll forgive the bad edit job, you missing my point, and the lack of direct credit to me. I forgive because you apparently found my paper worthy of extended citation re: "why are some countries Rich and others Poor?" I'm glad you didn't find my college-era paternalism and general holier-than-thouness offputting. Thanks for taking the time to read what I wrote. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sports Guy Mailbag Highlight

How did I not think of this?--

Q: Can't you picture Ricky Williams turning away in disgust from his bag of weed yelling "I wish I knew how to quit you!" with the bag of weed yelling back "Then why don't ya!" even though both know that their bond, while forbidden, will be a love that will last forever? I think we have a sequel to "Brokeback Mountain" right here folks.-- Andy Manley, Madison, Wisc.

SG: But what would it be called? Brokebag Mountain? Brokebong Mountain? Brokebud Mountain? Brokelung Mountain? Or would they call it, "Brokeback Mountain 2: Forbidden High?" You can't come up with an e-mail like that and not give me the title. Plus, who would play the bag of weed? Snoop Dogg? Philip Seymour Hoffman? Jim Breuer? Harrison Ford? Ice Cube?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yours Truly Scoops Gawker Again

We here at The Revolution is Not a Dinner Party have been hating on lame-ass hipster Nick Sylvester since last April. We are heartened to see that everyone else is getting on board.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Damn you Real World!

See, now I HAVE to watch the new season, because of my #1 rule about reality tv--any show with a panic attack on the first episode is a keeper.

Also, its pretty awesome that Tufts alum Tyler has the best quote in a long time, "you don't talk about an anorexic girl's breasts, just don't do it."

Finally, Paula is a total trainwreck, that's pretty awesome.

Here's something you don't see every day...a DUI Checkpoint in New York City. This is on St. Marks, they didn't check any cabs, which I find reprehensible since most cabbies are drunk on the smell of their own farts. If they don't like what they see, they pull the car over and administer tests a little further down the road.

I'm Going Curling....and I Know You're Jealous

I haven't posted much on the Olympics, mostly cause I love the winter games so much that I spent the last two week obsessively watching as much as possible on tivo. For the record: I'm hooked on curling (pun intended); Bode Miller got a raw deal (only NBC could be irresponsible enough to hype a downhill skier winning 5 races, the sport just doesn't work that way); Shani Davis is right and Chad Hendrick is wrong; Benjamin Raich is pretty awesome (Tirol rocks); Bob Costas has a crush on Shaun White; and we need to pass a law mandating that events be shown live.

Anyway, some well informed law student friends have alerted me to this curling club in Westchester. We're heading to the open house this Sunday. I'll post plenty of pictures. I haven't noted here, but I've had my car in the city since Thanksgiving. Someday I'll post on the madness of alternate side parking. The hassle is worth it cause having a car allows me to explore outer boroughs and stuff like this. Plus, I previously found my carbon footprint woefully inadequate.

If you want to see a news clip about the here, its a big avi file and downloads straight to computer.