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It's Just Lunch....or IS IT??

Friday, September 08, 2006

For a small taste of how stupid some people can be....

...I suggest reading this discussion on the Lonely Planet forums.

"Planning to travel to Mumbai and Goa with our 18month old daughter in Dec.She has not had any immunisations and we try to treat most illnesses with homeopathy.Although we have successfully seen her through many colds, fevers and measles with homeopathy i am still worried about all the tummy bugs etc. and i wonder if we're better off waiting a year ...Any thoughts?Thanks"

I really, really want to believe the person writing this has a really dark sense of humor. I'm afraid not.


Even though I’m in Kathmandu, it didn’t take long to find out that this humble blog was cited on legal juggernaught The Volokh Conspiracy. I’m honored, and a little scared (I could even make Gawker if I manage to fail the exam). Oddly enough, I was very unhappy with the list of “top ten things not to include in your bar exam essay.” The humor value inherent in the bar exam process deserves more. But, that post was the product of the kind of late night bar exam stress that has you looking on the internet for the real reason for the bizarre rules on ademption.

The internet here is slow, but censor free. I’ve been in China for a month…hence the lack of posts. In case you were wondering, this blog is banned in China. But, oddly enough I managed to get on Blogger once while in Guilin. I wrote a whole post about how the blog wasn’t banned in china. Turns out the whole thing got held up in one of China’s three internet “out pipes.” Does this mean China has a fake version of blogger up and running simply to see who is trying to post to blogs? Or, did I just not hit the "publish post" button? The world will never know.

I did take a picture. See below: