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It's Just Lunch....or IS IT??

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Top Ten Things Not to Include in Your Bar Exam Essay:

1. God's law (hereinafter "GL") is clear on the following point...

2. 3 generations of imbeciles is enough

3. Whoever is in need of evidence, he shall go on every third day to shout before the witness' doorway.

4. If an overseer or a fisherman ordered to the service of the king does not come, but sends a hireling in his stead, that same overseer or fisherman shall be put to death, and his house shall go into the possession of the hireling.

5. If a woman in a quarrel injure the testicle of a man, one of her fingers they shall cut off. And if a physician bind it up and the other testicle which is beside it be infected thereby, or take harm; or in a quarrel she injure the other testicle, they shall destroy both of her eyes

6. If defendant shirks or takes to heels, plaintiff shall lay hands on him.

7. Evil is as evil does

8. If the wife of a man be walking on the highway, and a man seize her, say to her "I will surely have intercourse with you," if she be not willing and defend herself, and he seize her by force and rape her, whether they catch him upon the wife of a man, or whether at the word of the woman whom he has raped, the elders shall prosecute him, they shall put him to death. There is no punishment for the woman.

9. While the defendant may have escaped punishment on Earth, he will get his just deserts in the afterlife.

10. Since, then, the primacy of the Apostolic See is established by the merit of St. Peter (who is the chief among the bishops), by the majesty of the city of Rome, and finally by the authority of a holy council, no one, withot inexcusable presumption, may attempt anything against the authority of that see.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Friday, July 07, 2006

Coase's List-->NEW LOW!

I thought $700 was a bit high for a used matress, so I decided to actually read the email. Here you go:


From: Anon
To: Coase's List (NYU Law's version of Craig's List)
Subject: Luxurious, Brand New Mattress & Box Spring - $700 OBO

Relisting... new, lower price!

Two-week old Simmons Beautyrest Full-sized pillow top mattress with boxspring - the same one as the Westin uses for its luxurious "Heavenly Bed," -for sale, $1000 original price (plus shipping if you order from the Westin).

We purchased this two weeks ago and it is the wrong level of softness for me (though my partner adores it and is bitter that it's going away) and wecan't return it. It's in brand-new condition - totally clean and the tagsare even still on it. $700 OBO.

Here's the skinny on the Westin Heavenly Bed're in Park Slope, and may be able to work something out with delivery.


A couple of things- 1) I've always wondered who purchased the on-sale items from a hotel room's furniture 2) Park Slope, BIG surprise there 3) I declare a Fatwa on the term "partner."