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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sports Guy Mailbag Highlight

How did I not think of this?--

Q: Can't you picture Ricky Williams turning away in disgust from his bag of weed yelling "I wish I knew how to quit you!" with the bag of weed yelling back "Then why don't ya!" even though both know that their bond, while forbidden, will be a love that will last forever? I think we have a sequel to "Brokeback Mountain" right here folks.-- Andy Manley, Madison, Wisc.

SG: But what would it be called? Brokebag Mountain? Brokebong Mountain? Brokebud Mountain? Brokelung Mountain? Or would they call it, "Brokeback Mountain 2: Forbidden High?" You can't come up with an e-mail like that and not give me the title. Plus, who would play the bag of weed? Snoop Dogg? Philip Seymour Hoffman? Jim Breuer? Harrison Ford? Ice Cube?


At 2:28 AM, Blogger ewoker said...

it's so east coast to read sg.

go terps!!!

and Pitt!


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