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Monday, March 13, 2006

BREAKING NEWS FLASH: someone actually read my undergrad thesis!!

For all you poor souls who, like me, are missing out on Spring Break to write your stinking god-damned mother-f'ing "A Papers" (or whatever your law school equivalant is)--here's some happy news.

Yours Truly wrote this paper for an upper-level political science class way back in 2000 (that's pre-911, in case you forgot). It was published by the once-estemed-but-now-possibly-defuct journal Hemispheres. Anyway, I assumed that this paper would languish online, relegated to a place somewhere below a footnote on a wart on the Internet's retarded brother's pinky. You can get to it easily enough by googling my name. But, anyone who knows me well enough to do that wouldn't bother to read a paper I wrote.

However, I decided to "google" my name using Yahoo...and discovered this lovely usenet posting circa 2003 (post-911). Whomever you are dear Don Quijote, I'll forgive the bad edit job, you missing my point, and the lack of direct credit to me. I forgive because you apparently found my paper worthy of extended citation re: "why are some countries Rich and others Poor?" I'm glad you didn't find my college-era paternalism and general holier-than-thouness offputting. Thanks for taking the time to read what I wrote. Keep on fighting the good fight.


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