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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

James Gandolfini off the wagon.....not news to me.

Gawker and the Daily News are excited about this report that James Gandolfini (of Tony Soprano fame) is drinking again. This is supposedly "news," but I was at 7B in February and Gandolfini was there, drinking. The best part was that I was playing the Soprano's pinball game they have when I noticed him. Even better, I was playing the best pinball of my life. People were stopping their conversations to watch my multi-ball prowess.

I was in Vegas last weekend, first time I've ever cashed a thousand dollar chip, so that was awesome. Pictures to be posted soon.

UPDATE: I rag on gawker a lot, but this was really good stuff. Shows the difference between the professional bloggers and us free-lance types.


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