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Monday, January 17, 2005

Whaaaa? No more livery of seisen jokes?

Here is an email from the International Law Society, which is obviously happy with the proposed changes:


Last week, the faculty approved the introduction of a 1L elective in the spring semester beginning with the Class of 2008. Instead of having all students take Property, students will be able to choose between a handful of courses, including Property, Constitutional Law, Corporations, Tax, and International Law.
The elective is the hard-fought end to a Law Students for Human Rights campaign started two years ago in
collaboration with the International Law Society to provide some students with the option of training in public international law before their first summer. Last year, over two hundred students signed a petition that such an elective should be introduced. In response, the Dean commissioned a Special Committee to consider the proposal.

The Special Committee eventually agreed that singling out International Law as the only elective was unjustified. It recommended that a core group of courses be offered so that students could choose a subject consistent with their interests, helpful to developing a note topic, or relevant to their prospective summer work. Because these electives will still be taught in 1L sections, subject to the mandatory curve, and capped at around 110, it remains to be seen whether administration of the elective will not lead to other problems. Nevertheless, we welcome the elective option as a whole and sincerely appreciate the commitment to student agency.


I must say, its interesting. But I can't see how Property was deemed less essential than Administrative Law, which (I'm assuming) remains a required 1L course here.


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