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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Happy New Year

I'm going skiing for a week. I don't think there is any snow. We shall see.

If you want to get angry and laugh at the same time this holiday season, check out George Bush's press conference from yesterday (regarding the tsunami). At least when Clinton said he cared, you could half believe him. Bush just fucks up the emphasis in his speech and sounds insincere (you can't says "we really care" with the same inflection and tone as "we're gonna hunt down and kill those bastards"....its just not credible). Also humorous is when he answered that he has no idea if the USA's West Coast is adequately protected for Tsunami's...he notes that he's "asking people that" right now. Its not that I expect him to know this stuff a month ago off the top of his head, but you'd think he could interrupt his vacation long enough to read some talking points.

Oh yeah, everyone getting back to New York should check out the new building at Houston and Broadway....I like it...Robert Mosses's giant axe wounds to lower Manhattan are finally sprouting life. If New York can learn from Berlin how to balance modern, open structures with older buildings it would be a very good thing.


At 1:31 AM, Blogger immigrantsun said...

the building is gorgeous. methinks i like your style.


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