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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Real World

Man, just when you get away, they pull you back in.

Sarah, the oversexed Florida trashy-ish child, is Jewish! And we only find out while they are talking about the Passion of the Christ. Wow.

M.J. and Shavondah fighting over phone use is great too. Shavondah cries. All because of the free long distance. What's the cell phone policy on the show?

Willie gets the cops called on him for not paying for a cab. Karamo has to deal with them. They are both black. I think Karamo was profiled. He couldn't have been frisked there (Florida v. J.L). Earlier in the season, Karamo had an anonymous tip induced frisk (at a bar...tipster said he had a gun), but I think at that point the cops had first-hand corroboration (as opposed to the facts of Florida v. J.L), Karamo was wearing a mobile mic which has a receiver that bulges around his waist). Good enough for a frisk. That's a lot of casebook 4th amendment in one person's life, but he is a black man in Philadelphia.

Finally (I'm killing a bunch of fantasy TV birds here)...I'm definitely watching the new season of Bachelorette. Or at least the first episode because ABC told us (five times?) during Monday Night Football that one of the dudes is gonna pass out during the rose ceremony. I was looking for a a witty and polemic web-tome about the concept of the "rose ceremony," I couldn't find one, if you can, let me know. Anyway, I have a policy of liking all reality shows involving panic attacks.

P.S. Rod Stewart is rich.


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