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Friday, December 17, 2004

on Fatwah's

chuck: btw, a fatwah is like a papal encyclical. i think you ahve to declare a fatwah condemning someone, not just a fatwah on them. you could declare jihad on her, though.
js: are YOU QUESTIONING my ability to declare a fatwah
chuck: hahahaha
chuck: no sir
chuck: sorry
js:'re geting close to one yourself
chuck: forget i said it, sir
js: haha
chuck: jared's blog for rob silvers is great.
js: i just saw that new tokoyo times has it linked
js: i'm getting affriad...somebody is going stop Rob in the halls and call him an ass
chuck: new tokoy times?
js: some 1L's blog
js: he linked everyone but mine
js: PUNK
chuck: hahah
js: I smell a FATWAH
chuck: hahahaha, indeed


At 4:47 PM, Blogger neotokyotimes said...

Sorry, problem solved. I usually only link to blogs that are, say, more than a week old. So it’s sort of a provisional membership on the blogroll.


But seriously, it's like you're eating at a nice restaurant, wearing a borrowed jacket with a gaudy patch on the breast. It is not your imagination; the tuxedoed host is paying close attention that you don’t pocket any of the silverware.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger JS said...

Thanks, I'm on notice now. Its going to be hard to keep up the high journalistic standards I have set for myself over the past week and half.


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