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Friday, January 14, 2005


Is there a mutual fund that will invest in the ponzi scheme that is social security privitization, which (as a young American), I support. Can I diagram that sentence? Do I add a "question mark" at any point of the first sentence? If so, how?


At 1:16 AM, Blogger dzhayteabee said...

Wouldn't one think that for a distinguished student at a fancy policy-laden law school, which nevertheless manages to graduate its students to prestigous legal posts despite teaching them little about the actual law, he would have learned even as early as the fifth grade (which he likely at the time felt he was far too gifted intellectually to deign to entertain his english teacher's musings) that when posing a question, the question mark likely ends at the end of the sentence (whether that implies the "broader sense" or not)?


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