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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The O.C.

Peter Gallagher singing on The O.C. was truly surreal. It was like watching a David Lynch movie. He is my new favorite Tuftonian.

Here is a great article that argues that Walsh/non-Walsh tension drove 90210. The O.C. is an entirely different creature- a long fantasy of California-ism...each character riding his own impossible wave of avocados and alternative family structures. I would really be interested in the Author's opinion regarding The O.C.'s hyper-self-consciousness. I'm sure it makes total "sense" to someone who came up in academia during the heady acme of post-modernism that was the early 1990s. But, has such self-referentialism become so banal that it just doesn't matter any more? Or, is it the only way we know how to communicate to one-another? All I know is that they really need to do an homage to "Donna Martin Graduate!" I also enjoyed the Keystone Cops on today's episode.


At 12:50 PM, Blogger Kung Pow Pig said...

I've never wanted to watch that show, but I have been strangely compelled to watch it everytime I pass it on the TV.

And last night's episode was pretty good. Color me impressed by Peter Gallagher's singing.

At 2:07 AM, Blogger dzhayteabee said...

I must say, I'm captivated everytime I read that 90210 article. I consistently waffle between hoping I can write something like that someday, and dreading the day that I actually do. Whether that's a counter-postmodern reaction to my own personal experience with youthtopia remains to be discerned. Nevertheless, I would love to hear the author's explanation of the ramifications of the develovement the show took following season eight. Especially I'd like to see the reconciliation of his Walsh/non-Walsh caliutopian paradigm with the Hong Kong divorce of Jim and Cindy. That era of 90210 was like watching the sun set facing east. I still refuse to acknowledge the plot line concerning Dylan's father's resurrection as a member of the witness protection program with an alternate family in Phoenix. That season devalued the show's entire legacy. However, I still consider Matt Durning, Attorney at Law to be one of the show's most metaphorically powerful characters. He was never powerful enough to truly replace Brandon; not in any viewer's or even Kelly's heart. Yet he fruitlessly pissed away his presumably lucrative legal career because Kelly got raped and her grandfather died from emphyzema. At the series' close, he was the only character without a happy circumreferential closing. Matt ended up moving back to New York to raise his dead brother's baby who was actually concieved through artificial insemination by Matt's own sperm. Meanwhile Kelly had one last dance "that I hope will never end" with Dylan, Steve was whelping his hot half-japanese wife like nobody's business, and Donna and David were headed to their honeymoon. With the exception of Matt Durning, Failed Attorney at Law, every other character had reasonable closure to their story arcs. And most surprisingly of all, Hillary Swank is actually considered one of the most critically acclaimed and sought after actresses in Hollywood.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger JS said...

"That era of 90210 was like watching the sun set facing east." Hahaha, brilliant.


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