The Revolution is Not a Dinner Party

It's Just Lunch....or IS IT??

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kim Kerry, Kim Chi

Would Kerry's bilateral talks have been better?...who the fuck knows these days...whopee, we're all gonna die!

Couldn't we have bought off Kim and had this swept under the rug? Those were the days. To be fair, Saddam would be swimming in the Tigris right now if he had nukes back then.

P.S. Here's some pre-9/11 information. It quotes the "Rumsfeld Report of 1999" and the section, "North Korea: Views from Three Continents," is illuminating. What bothers me is how little regard we have for Japan's need to deal with its public.

P.P.S. Actually, this worries the fuck out me. Is South Korea baiting the North to test? WTF?


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