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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nerds Gone Wild...AT SCHOOL!

Have you been experienced?... enter the cuddle puddle.

"Since the school day is winding down, things in the hallway are starting to get rowdy. Jane disappears for a while and comes back carrying a pint-size girl over her shoulder. “Now I take her off and we have gay sex!” she says gleefully, as she parades back and forth in front of the cuddle puddle. “And it’s awesome!” The hijacked girl hangs limply, a smile creeping to her lips. Ilia has stuffed papers up the front of his shirt and prances around on tiptoe, batting his eyes and sticking out his chest. Elle is watching, enthralled, as two boys lock lips across the hall. “Oh, my,” she murmurs. “Homoerotica. There’s nothing more exciting than watching two men make out.” And everyone is talking to another girl in the puddle who just “came out,” meaning she announced that she’s now open to sexual overtures from both boys and girls, which makes her a minor celebrity, for a little while."


At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Simply amazing.

Post-gay? Heteroflexible? Pansexual? Whatever? Some of the greatest non-labels I've ever encountered.

I do, however, have a strange hunch that I would find no cuddle puddles in the halls of Houston, Texas high schools. Doesn't hurt to look, though.



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