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Friday, January 27, 2006

Aaron Brown: gone from CNN but not forgotten

Drudge is running this story on former CNN anchor Aaron Brown. As much as I don't like to admit it, I watch a fair amount of CNN. Along with most thinking viewers, I was disappointed when they dropped Brown from their line-up. One could tell he really knew and cared about what he was talking about....for those of you who don't watch 24 hour news, this quality is quite rare these days (most anchors are pathetic ass-kissers).

Anyway, in the above article, Brown adds his voice to the chorus of responsible journalists who are disgusted with the state of public news today. The article notes, "Many Americans on the left and the right aren't interested in the truth, but simply want news that confirms their viewpoints." Cass Sunstein would add that such collective group-speak leads people to more extreme points of view.

Its interesting to think about why the media has come to such a state. Brown rightly notes that TV is an ultra-democratic forum...people vote instantly and constantly with their remotes. However, this doesn't really explain why people want their news in the format of a chorus of yes men confirming their pre-existing views. We just don't care about community writ-large anymore, all the political battles I can think of are essentially people fighting for their right to do what they want. There was once a time when some political movements actually centered on making the world a better place. Politics today is about "getting our way" not "doing what's right."

P.S. While writing this post, CNN interrupted their regular coverage to show pictures of a giant fire in Atlanta. If it bleeds, it leads.


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