The Revolution is Not a Dinner Party

It's Just Lunch....or IS IT??

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

This picture (I can't call it art, sorry) was hanging in the bedroom of the Amsterdam apartment we rented for my buddy's bachelor party last winter. My friend Adam should have known when the apartment was advertised on the internet as "discrete and in the heart of the red light district."

The funniest thing about the place was that there was similarly terrible over-the-top gay art in every room (I really wish I took a picture of the poem in the bathroom titled "Yellow Heat" and framed next to a picture of a naked man walking down a beach). What was great was that everyone arrived sort of staggered over a few days, and each time a new person arrived it took them about half an hour or so to come out of their stoned haze and actually focus on the art. This moment of stoned awareness was priceless.


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