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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Microsoft's hidden agenda?

When one incorrectly enters the word "Natzi" into Microsoft Word, the spell checker offers three suggested spellings: "Nazi" "Nazis" and "matzo."

Coincidence...I THINK NOT!

I would also like to point out that these take home exam are not the bowl of peaches I expected them to be. I'm not the type of person who gets things done early. So, I spend 40 out of 48 hours puttering around my room reading random bits and pieces for the exam and watching the best that NYU Movie Channel has to offer- "Love Actually" "The Terminal" and "A Cinderella Story." ALL TWICE. I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING. I'm starting to notice continuity errors in fucking "A Cinderella Story." THAT IS NOT RIGHT.

The only even passably entertaining one of the three is "Love Actually" and I'm only saying that because I'm very tired. The one plotline in "Love Actually" which wins me over is...this down-on-his-luck British lad can't get laid in England so he decides to sell everything he has and fly to America because in America chicks dig English men. So he buys a ticket to Wisconsin, and flies off with a rucksack full of johnnies. His friend is like "you're insane." Anyway, he goes to America, has the cab drop him off at a "normal American bar." He goes into the dive bar, orders a beer and is immediately assaulted by a group of 3 super model babes who live together, share a bed, and totally love English men. They invite him home, and he's happy. Bollocks! That's good stuff. Its funny cause its true.


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