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It's Just Lunch....or IS IT??

Thursday, December 09, 2004

My parent's friends are great...but odd

I just got the following email exchange forwarded from my mom...its between my mom's friend and her daughter.


Email plea:

Mom, Get ready to pray for me tomorrow around 1 or 2. . . on second thought, start now. . I need all the help I can get. -X


Mother's prayer for a statistics exam: Dear Lord, Bless thy servant, X, during her most painful trial. Shelter her under the normal curve, let her distributions be normal and let not her variance exceed two standard deviations. Let her statistical significance be high and her standard error be low. Yeah though she walk through the valley of the path of Y on X, lead her not into multiple regressions. Thy confidence intervals shall comfort her and she will, in all probability, exceed the population mean and dwell in the land with no further statistics classes forever and ever. Amen


P.S. The mom here is a MacArthur Grant "Genius".... they know how to pick em.


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