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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


One of my favorite movies has finally been released on DVD!

I've never understood why Wild at Heart gets so little respect. Wild at Heart certainly isn't Blue Velvet, but its a hell of a lot better than Lost Highway. Come on, does anyone really think there's going to be another Blue Velvet in our lifetime?? Its like criticizing Vineland because it isn't Gravity's Rainbow.

Vineland is super, you all should read it. Brock Vond, the out of control federal prosecutor, is a great character with a great name. And, the central premise (that at some point in 1984 the Reagan administration realized they could close down all their hippy re-education programs because kids were coming out of high school ready for square office jobs) is hysterical. Plus, its a hell of a lot easier to read than any of his other works.

Speaking of Pynchon... here's an expensive (and expansive) little gift for that insane acid-freak who already has everything.

Man, Lynch and Pynchon...and within the first 3 days of my blog. I am such a dweeb.


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