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Monday, December 06, 2004

Welcome to the 21st century

Its the rare news story that makes one start a blog. So here you go....

It seems that obese Americans are too big for the fancy-pants French furniture on the Queen Mary 2.

Many thoughts come to mind:

1) When I was in elementary school I provoked a classmate to pull out the stool from under our enormous librarian as she sat down....she fell to the floor, seemed to be in actual physical pain, and all the nearby shelves actually seemed to bounce up and down. I didn't get in trouble...did I mention that I'm now a law student?

2) The saddest thing for me upon returning to America after a while abroad is seeing the dangerously fat people in the airport. Its only sad because you get used to it so quickly.

3) I don't want to push the fat thing much further. I'm actually on the more fat-tolerant end of the spectrum (or so I learned upon coming to school and hanging with people who are at least, if not more, judgmental than me). I've heard people say that they don't trust fat people...why would you trust someone who can't take care of themselves? I think that's absolutely hysterical. My problem isn't fat people per se...only fat women with insanely long fingernails who work at computers all day long. Its not attractive OR functional. In India, non-manual laborers (men) will grow out their pinky fingernails to disgusting lengths. At least in that context the scrolled fingernail is a badge of honor which shows the world that one doesn't have to labor in the sun all day.

So, yes Virginia, I am what you hate: A relativist law student who is exceedingly critical of the people around him but accepts the same crap in people half a world away because there it fits into some half-baked anthropological non-theory. FGM anyone?


At 12:26 AM, Blogger JLou said...

Heeeeeeee heee heeeee. YAY JAYBLOG!

At 12:33 AM, Blogger the birds said...

yo mama breaks cruise ship seats.

At 1:08 AM, Blogger Rachel Natelson said...

when i was in elementary school, our teacher illustrated a time-honored principle of grammar by providing a subject, "our music teacher," and soliciting a predicate to follow. my friend raised her hand and completed the sentence with, "needs to lose some weight." i'll grant you that the woman was rather strapping, but the juvenile collective unconscious can be so cruel...


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