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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Attention: ERROR in the New York Times

One of many favorite (and LOYAL) readers, RFN, is in the process of sending a missive to the NY Times, but I thought I'd beat her to the chase. She rightly noted that this article incorrectly states that Steven Colbert (from the Daily Show) admitted to being raised by "turd farmers." Actually, he was raised by turd MINERS. The gaff shows how little respect the the high and mighty at the Times have for us lowly Appalachian folk.

Here is her letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

Re your May 3 profile of Stephen Colbert, "'Daily Show' Personality Gets His Own Platform," I regret to inform you that your reference to Mr. Colbert's father's occupation as "turd farmer" is short of entirely accurate. While the term does indeed capture the humbleness of the comedian's fake origins, it exaggerates somewhat the earthiness of his early life of squalor, as Mr. Colbert, Sr. was reported to be not a farmer, but rather, a turd-miner. Admittedly, it's neither an easy nor an especially glorious task to attend to such scatological niceties, but that, as Mr. Colbert might say, "is life in the turd belt."

Your loyal reader,
Brooklyn, NY


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