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Friday, February 25, 2005

Why the Pope Shouldn't (can't??) Resign

I'm cribbing these ideas entirely from "nieuws over de kardinalen en het conclaaf. " Wim Wylin posts 4 good reasons why the pope shouldn't resign. Check his post for details on each:

1) a resigned Pope would cause division in the Church.

2) John Paul's current status is precious testimony on the inherent value of human life.

3) The theology of the papal office is ad personam, meaning that being pope is not just a role you play, it's who you are.

4) Catholic reformers have long called for a weaker pope, arguing that the papacy should be more a ministry of service rather than an authoritarian center of power. Now, John Paul's leadership is expressed largely through his suffering. Without declaring it as such, his continuing presence on the Throne of Peter is in effect an experiment in a new style of papal leadership .

5) HERE'S the LEGAL ANGLE. The resignation must be "freely made and properly manifested," according to church law, but it is not clear what could be done if the pope becomes incapacitated.

P.S. For all you new or forgetful readers: Here's my first posting upon news of JPII's recent dance with the grim reaper. It links to some helpful sites in case your cannon law isn't as polished as it used to be.


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