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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Super Sweet Disappointment of a Season Finale...and thoughts re: the youth.

Well...this week's sweet sixteen only cost $200,000. That's why it sucked (I have suspicions it barely topped 100k). Bow Wow didn't even show. Where did they hold it? The local firehall? really now. I mean, I feel bad for these people because it seemed like they only lead a middle-upper-class lifestyle and that therefore they might want to save the money for something else. Maybe a third house. And since when did it become OK for parents to toss around numbers like that with their kids? A pox on all your houses.

So, summing up the season, I'd say its a three way tie between Hart (the dude with the negligent father), Ava (the Persian princess), and the blond girl who moved from Roswell (also the second La Joya chica).

I found this site. The youth are out of control. Ourself, over at Blues Skies Forever compared it to Joyce. I said it reminded me of the clone species from Star Trek the Next Generation. There's a reason why Blue Skies Forever has constant fresh and exciting global content, while we are stuck linking to Bill Simmons and ruminating on MTV.


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