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Sunday, February 13, 2005

New Yorkers Love to Love Themselves

So I came up with this idea last night to start talking trash about the Christo Gates loudly in public. I was going to start the backlash early. I called the project, "contrived" and "pedantic." People got angry at me. Everyone loves these fucking orange gates. Truth be told, they are cool.

Central Park was a zoo this weekend. One of those strange and disconcerting New York lovefests. Disconcerting because everyone expects New Yorkers to be smug and above-the-fray. The reality is that they need stuff like the gates, or the blackout, or the occasional snow storm to keep life centered. These little communitarian moments make up for the hellishly small apartments, overpriced everything, and general grinding nature of living in the city. You get to feel like you accomplished something just by being where you are. So, New York, eat your orange little hearts out. Yell at your kids to stand still for photos because this is a "historic" moment; push other people out of the way so you can get a slightly better framed shot of the gates blowing in unison in the wind; buy your every-other-weekend children a pretzel; these are your gates. But, its still very lame to wear orange accessories to the spectacle. Very, very lame.

P.S. The photos are mine...I haven't put too many of my own photos up in the past, I'll try to do more in the future.


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