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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Netflix kicks ass

So my first two movies on my re-started netflix account have both been spectacular 5-star successes:

1) Harold and Kumar go to White Castle: A roadtrip movie about an Indian-Korean friendship, forged in billowous clouds of marijuana (aren't all the best friendships founded in pot? don't all the best roadtrips involve weed?). Even better, its written by Jews from Jersey. This movie is hysterical.

2) Goodbye, Lenin: One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Berlin is the coolest place on earth, and this movie captures that city's modern founding (its "constitutional moment" if you will). The best part is that it does this through totally sympathetic characters AND maintains a solid sense of humor. What happened in Berlin in 1989 was amazing, and the movie basically explores how profound and pervasive those changes were and how much life changed for so many people in so little time. The plot summary makes this sound like a sad movie. But really, its often laugh-out-loud funny. The best movies open a window into worlds that are totally different from our own, and do so in an engrossing way. Another example would be In This World.


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