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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sick Sad (academic) World....

I love my alma matter, and looking over the past few Tufts-related posts here, I've realized they were a little negative. So, rather than put some positive stuff about Tufts, I figured I'd throw out some trash regarding Yale and Harvard.

First, I just saw this, I hope its a hoax or something. If its true that undergrads are spending their time painting Louis Vatton symbols on the sidewalks of Yale, god help us all. I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, THE YOUTH ARE OUT OF CONTROL.

Second, this is really old news, but I realized that most people here at NYU never heard about 2002's near-race-war at Harvard Law School. It all started when a 19-year-0ld wunderkind (you can read an interview with him here, or check out his latest academic work here)* posted a 1L property outline to the HLS outline-bank which summed up Shelly v. Kraemer as, "Nigs buy land w/ no nig covenant; Q: Enforceable?" Understandably, many in the black community took uberance. Things devolved from there...highlights include a reactionary tirade from some anonymous white kid lamenting that Kiwi's intellect had been silenced (he was banned from posting outlines to the website) and an anti-semitic pamphleting that seems to blame the anonymous tirade on the Jews.

There's a whole book on the subject. I think this is the most erudite summary. A prospective (black) student published his experiences in Legal Affairs. HLS' newspaper (Americas oldest law school newspaper!) also has its own coverage here.

*let me also note that I, for one, find it kind of sad that the young man in question worked his tail off to graduate from law school before he was 20 (Harvard, no less) just so that he can be another miserable legal academic. Come on, go home to the Philippines and affect some change! The whole profession is going to rot I tell you, rot!


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