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Monday, June 12, 2006

Dear Ben Roethlisberger....get better soon!

This story makes me very sad (the Pittsburgh paper,, seems to be crashed at the moment by people looking for more news. UPDATE: post gazette story is here, with more details including a pool of blood and pictures of the crash site). What's worse is I found out about it as the Czechs went up 2-0 against the USA. For the record, I am rooting for a Germany-France final...which will essentially be a referendum on the future of the EU. In the alternate, my team preferences are 1) USA 2) The Netherlands 3) ING-GA-LAND.

OK, this is the end. The broadcasting package that ESPN/ABC put together for the World Cup is just atrocious. If anyone in the rest of the world had any idea what these clowns were saying, they would be rolling on the floor laughing. The first day was dominated by bad analogies to mainstream US sports. Today, one of the announcers just said, as the audience watches Jan Koller (Czech striker) writhe in pain as he is carted off the pitch after what appears to be a horrific hamstring injury, "well, too bad for him but this has to be good news for the US side." Completely tasteless.


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