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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sandra Day O'mygodwe'refucked.

Does anyone else think its incredibly fucked up that the twin great (not-so) white hopes of the American left are Snarlin Arlen Specter* and Alberto Gonzalez. I mean, come on folks. The Warren Commission and the 911 Commission are one in the same! Can't you see! They have Us by Our Balls. Remember, however, that a fully developed They-system must include an Us-system.

Also, in the vain of conspiracy theories. You heard IT HERE FIRST. Noah Feldman forced Sandra Day to resign! How else could he get such a perfectly timed cover story in the NY Times magazine? Colonel Mustard, in the Library, with the Rope.

Finally, on Sandra some point last year I learned to respect one significant and coherent vain of legal conservatism-- the Legal Process school...If only all judges decided only that which they felt was within their institutional competence. Isn't sad then, that on the verge of Republicans' 20 years of SC dominance, not a single pundit could even consider a conservative coming out of said School getting on the Court. There's a reason why I'm a Democrat. We have our crooks and our liars. But at least somebody in the Dem party cares about getting the right people in the right place. Fuck you George Bush. Fuck you Grover Norquist. You wouldn't know public service if it stood up and bit you on the ass.

*Specter and me go way back. When I was 14, he came to my synagogue (I'm from the great state of Pennsylvania). We were allowed to write questions that the rabbi would read. I asked, "after 30 years, isn't it time to reconsider the Magic Bullet Theory and the rest of the Warren Commission's report?"** Specter replied, "I can't believe people still care about this. Seriously, isn't there anything better to talk about." No Arlen, there isn't anything better to talk about. You were the Man's Stooge back then and you're still the Man's Stooge today. Enjoy the limelight.

**I was raised on AM Talk Radio.


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