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Monday, July 04, 2005

KURT EICHENWALD, love him or hate him.

I took much amusement watching late night TV one night at my pad because NY Times ink slinger Kurt Eichenwald was on 3 different channels at once (2 and 1/2 considering one was CSPAN booknotes). Eichenwald was pitching his book about Enron. I find this funny because I've been told that Eichenwald was quite a dick during SD Texas Ken Lay indictment proceedings, constantly berating court staff that the judges, "didn't know what they were doing." Kurt apparently got himself kicked out court. I guess Eichenwald has had the last laugh since the mistreated SD Texas staff have told me that his book, Conspiracy of Fools, is the best Enron tome yet. (I'm holding out for the Thomas Pynchon version). Furthermore, said-same staff can't stop raving about, "At PartyGaming, Everything's Wild," which is unfortunately already archived at Abuse your pro bono billing code on westlaw and get a copy. The PartyGaming story is about the saga of internet gambling companies that want to go public.


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